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Debra Pauly – Podiatrist and Miracle Worker

When I first visited Debra in 2014 I was experiencing significant achilles tendon pain following running and this was severly impacting my ability to train. On the morning following a run, it would take about 30 mins of hobbling about before I was able to walk up straight and for the pain to almost subside. Throughout the day my achilles would be tender to touch and pain relief creams were of little use.

When I saw Debra she immediately put me at ease and explained what was causing the problem and that there was a way to relieve the pain on a permanent basis. She took a cast of my feet and aranged for specialist orthotics to be made. A few weeks later they arrived and I was told to wear them on a daily basis. The benefits were almost immediate and within a month I was walking and running with no side-effects whatsoever. I have now been wearing the orthotics for over a year and have just bought another pair (again made to my precise specification) which I will use in my running shoes. Debra recommended a low-profile pair of orthotics and they fit the shoes perfectly.

I cannot recommend Debra’s services highly enough. She has an extremely personable and professional approach and has enabled me to walk and play sport again without experiencing any of the pain that plagued me for years. I shall certainly be using her services again in the future.

By Julian Mullins


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