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Toe-nail Reconstruction *

A cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of a damaged nail.  A temporary solution lasting a minimum of 6 weeks but often lasts longer.

1st Stage - £39

An assessment of the nail and preparation (including the removal of any fungal element and smoothing of the nail).

2nd Stage ( One Big Toe Nail £50 - second Big Toe Nail £35 – Small Toe Nail £10 )

* Please note at least 25% of the original nail is required to bond the prosthetic nail.  This treatment is not suitable where there is no nail.

Pampering Treatments

Medical Pedicure - £60

Nails will be smoothed, cut and filed.  Hard skin and corns will be painlessly removed.  Heels will be sanded smooth cut and filed.  Your toe-nails will receive a basecoat, 2 coats of a colour of your choice and 1 top coat.  The treatment concludes with a foot massage with luxury creams.

Therapeutic Hot Wax Treatment with Routine Chiropody - £60

A luxury treatment whereby essential oils are infused into the skin by the application of warm wax.  The treatment increases circulation, muscles are relaxed and joint pain alleviated.  This treatment is particularly beneficial for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Raynauds, cold feet or dry skin and nail conditions.

Finger Nail Trim - £12


An in- shoe device designed to re-distribute the body’s weight across the whole of the sole of the foot.  Effective in reducing pain and often reducing hard skin and corn formation.

Sidas Bespoke Moulded Orthotics - £170

Excellent orthotics for maximum support and comfort.  Carbon fibre reinforced, they are heat moulded and adjusted to fit each individual foot.  The slim profile allows them to fit most footwear

Plaster of Paris Casting and Prescription writing for Bespoke Orthotics - £50

Polypropylene Bespoke Orthotics - From £270 (deposit £70)

Shockwave Therapy

£75 per treatment, 4 treatments are required at weekly intervals

Mechanical Shockwaves are passed through the skin via a probe.  This treatment is used to treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain and tendon pathologies.  An assessment is required as not everyone is suitable.

Taping of Feet and Ankles - £25

Musculo-skeletal appointments - £60

This appointment is for foot pain or walking difficulties.  The Podiatrist will examine your foot posture standing and walking.  A full medical history will be taken. They will discuss your concerns and assess the range of motion of your joints in your feet and ankle.  They will recommend exercise and or othoses and where necessary provide referral letters to other healthcare providers.

Verrucae Treatment - £40

The treatment uses salicylic acid and occlusion.  Follow on treatments £26.

Cryotherapy for Verrucae - £50

Dressing Change - £25

Routine Chiropody - £40

Nails will be cut, filed and reduced where necessary.  Hard skin and corns will be painlessly removed and heels will be sanded smooth.  The treatment will conclude with either a moisturising spray or application of a luxury cream. We recommend you attend clinic every 6 to 8 weeks.

Nail Surgery - From £250 +£50.00 extra for side or nail. 

Where conservative treatment has not worked or is not appropriate.  This is a permanent solution for a recurring problem.  The toe is numbed using local anaesthetic and either part or all of the nail is removed.  A chemical is applied to prevent the whole or part nail from growing back.  You will be assessed prior to surgery as not everyone is suitable.

Ingrowing toe-nail treatment - £40

Ingrowing toe-nails most commonly affect the big toes and are usually caused by poor nail cutting technique, injury and badly fitting footwear.  The potential for infection is high and the condition is often painful requiring a course of antibiotics from your General Practitioner.  We will endeavour to treat the condition but you may ultimately require nail surgery.

Nail Care for Thickened Nails - £34

Nails will be reduced, cut and filed.  We recommend that patients attend clinic every 6 to 8 weeks to keep this condition under control.

Express Appointment & Simple Nail Cutting - £27

A 15 minutes no frills appointment for a quick nail trim or the removal of a troublesome corn. It is not always necessary to book this appointment provided appointment slots are available.

Please note that we do not carry out nail surgery on diabetic patients.

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