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Podiatry Clinic located in Ferndown.
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Hard Skin and Corns

Corns are hard areas of thickened skin in areas of high pressure

We will painlessly remove the hard skin and corns with a scalpel and diagnose the cause of the build-up of hard skin in the first place.

You can help avoid the build-up of hard skin by regularly moisturising your feet with creams that contain urea. Avoid the use of corn plasters as these contain salicylic acid and this could destroy healthy tissue.

Cracked Heels

When the skin on your heels becomes dry and the body's weight is concentrated on to that area, fissures (cracks) can develop. These cracks can permit bacteria to enter the body and cause infection. We will surgically remove the devitalised tissue to promote healing and discuss measures to avoid the recurrence.

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