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Podiatry Clinic located in Ferndown.
Serving Ferndown, Wimborne, Poole and Bournemouth
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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry has replaced the word Chiropody as it better describes working on the feet. 'Podo' comes from Greek meaning 'foot' whereas 'Chiro' means hand.

To become a Podiatrist it is now necessary to have a University Degree.

In addition to routine footcare, Podiatrists are trained to understand what impact systemic disease such as Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetes, Neurological, Dermatological and Arthritis have on the feet.

Podiatrists will carry out a patient assessment which includes taking a medical history with details of medication. They will also carry out a biomechanical and dermatological assessment before a treatment plan is agreed with the patient.

Referrals will be made to other healthcare professionals where appropriate whilst the overall care remains with the patient's General Practitioner.


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