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JOYA Podiatry Footwear

A new way of walking. Helpful therapy for heel and forefoot pain. Easy on the joints.

Joya Shoes

Joya shoes were developed in Switzerland and are for everyone wanting a healthy, comfortable way of walking.

The sole of Joya shoes is made from soft PU polyurethane, a material with a high rebound effect. The positive effect of a soft, springy surface is a better distribution of pressure across the foot which reduces pressure on the back, knees and feet. Conventional, hard soled shoes, combined with walking on hard surfaces such as tarmac causes peak pressures on the heel during heel strike and in the forefoot at toe off.

Joya shoes offer a more stable way of walking due to the flatter sole which encourages a natural roll-through motion. The curved rocker bottom facilitates toe-off and is especially beneficial for people with stiff big toes. Tension in the plantar fascia which runs along the bottom of the foot is relieved by the high absorbancy of the soft sole.

We have a range of both women’s and men’s shoes in the clinic – come and try them!


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