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Holiday Feet

Our feet are not always our best assets, yet they are so important! At this time of the year with warm weather and sandals it is essential that our feet look good and are properly cared for.

I went along to see Debra at Merriefield Podiatry to see just what she could do with my sad looking feet that have been well wrapped up in shoes for many months.

Debra is well trained having started her career as a nurse but then changed to study for a degree in Podiatry at Southampton University. She is also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. I knew I was in good hands!

Debra examined my feet first. If you have any pain or problems with your feet she can certainly advise the best solutions. There are also preventative measures of course, and avoiding high heels is a good idea... but at 5’ 1” and a peanut, I am not very good at that!


After a thorough examination Debra got to work getting rid of all that hard, dead skin that had accumulated over the winter months. They already looked so much better.

She then tackled each toe, I have to say that my little toes are not the best at all, and Debra gave them a much improved appearance. With nails manicured, cuticles and dead skin all gone, it was now time to choose a colour. The exciting part!

I chose a beautiful peach / orange which made a pleasant change from the pink shades I normally go for. By the time Debra was done I had different feet! Well not quite, but they definitely were a vast improvement than the ones I had entered the room in.

I would advise you to take open toe shoes with you, so that the newly perfected toes do not get ruined in shoes, before all toes are totally and absolutely dry. Debra was really good and provided me with flip flops. As it was raining outside I did look rather odd driving off, but hey, beauty even has its challenges!

Debra has clinics in Broadstone, Poole, Ferndown and Bearwood, that she runs herself, so it is very easy to find a location near to you.

I highly recommend you give Merriefield Podiatry a try before you go on holiday to make the most of your feet. After all they carry us every day of the week, so they deserve some attention!

By Debbie Corney


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