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How Does Diabetes Affect the Feet?

Diabetes is the fasted growing health threat of our times. In 2016 over 3,000,000 people in England alone were diagnosed with Diabetes. There are more than 20 leg, foot and toe amputations performed each day due to Diabetes but a large majority of these are preventable with the right care.


Diabetes causes raised blood glucose which affects the circulation to the feet. Without a good blood supply, cuts and sores heal more slowly. Movement in joints is also affected by Diabetes which can raise pressures in the feet (the foot is a shock absorber) and increase the incidence of wounds.

It is recommended you have a foot check at least once a year. You should seek help if you experience any of the following:

  • Burning, tingling or pins and needles pain in your feet
  • Changes in the shape or colour of your feet
  • If you have blisters or cuts which seem to be healing slowly
  • Loss of feeling in your feet and toes

What Will a Podiatrist Do?

  • They can assess Your Level of Risk
  • Carry out a Diabetic Foot Check
  • Agree with you a Personalised, Regular Care Plan

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