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Toe Nail Reconstruction - Prosthetic Toe Nail

Damaged ToenailMerriefield Podiatry now offers a treatment for damaged or unsightly nails. Wilde-Pedique is a cosmetic procedure using layers of a flexible gel containing anti-fungal properties which bonds to your old nail. The gel is built up in layers and is cured. There is no damage to the nail. The gel is non-porous which helps prevent the spread of fungus. The gel nail grows out with your new nail. It can be cut, filed and painted as if it is your real nail. The new nail will last approximately 6 weeks depending on the underlying condition.

From the Podiatry Clinic – Let’s talk about Footwear

FootwearUntil the Industrial Revolution, shoes were made by local shoemakers and were tailored to fit each customer.

Nowadays footwear is mass produced all over the world using different lasts and many shoe manufacturers omit half-sizes in order to reduce costs. There are however, three important things to look for when buying shoes:


The feet contain 250,000 sweat glands – more per square centimetre than any other part of the body.